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Bozo T. Clown – and how a headband saved my melon

January 31, 2017

I have a thing about my hair. I’ve had it long. I’ve had it short. I was a redhead for 30+ years. I’ve recently lobbed it all off and donated it and gone GRAY!

One thing that never ever fails is my hair is always it’s own zip code. It arrives before I do. It has it’s own back up singers. It’s just big.

As I started on the fitness part of my journey – I was seeking out help for the melon. I wore ball caps and that didn’t work – I got even sweatier. I tried bandanas-gross. I was searching and searching and FINALLY found the answer: Sweaty Bands. And the heaven’s sang.

laura-little red trike
Always looking cute with my Sweaty Band

These headbands don’t look like much in person – however, one their tag line is “OMG-they don’t slip” and IT’S TRUE! They. Do. Not. Move. Period.

The first one I bought was the Thin Blue Line to support Law Enforcement and now, a dozen or so later, I still buy new colors and patterns.

A gal always has to look cute AND sassy without looking sweaty.

If you are interested in trying Sweaty Bands, this link will give you a special discount! Whooop! Sale

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