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Swimming away the crazy

  You know when you have ‘THAT’ day at work?  When all you did was: react to email get pulled in 432904 directions – none of which are of your choosing have to work through lunch hadn’t peed in about 7 hours had traffic that could cause a homicide THAT was yesterday. I had every […]

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Pink swim cap is BACK

Today I rocked 1/2 mile pool water walk.  Yes, me 4 1/2 weeks after back surgery about eight weeks after knee surgery and I walked in the water which is eight times the resistance on land for over a half a mile! Damn right I’m going to stand like a boss today and this week […]

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Omg! They don’t move!!! 

One product that I STRONGLY endorse are Sweaty Bands. Their logo is ‘OMG THEY DON’T MOVE’  They have given me a 15% code and they’re running some sales this wknd too. I wear the 1″ ones and I have 15 😱😱😱. I wear them to work AND work out.  You need to use code  http://sweatybands.refr.cc/H869449 […]

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There’s a lot of constraints on our days.  Our families. Our jobs. Our commute. Our social life.  Our friends. What haven’t I said yet? OURSELVES. We take up so much time for others that we put ourselves LAST almost exclusively. Why? Why do we feel guilty putting ourselves first? It probably started in childhood when […]

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