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Challenges or Opportunities

July 26, 2017

I’ve been in marketing in one form or another my entire career. I’m always marketing something – be it a product or service. I’m pretty good at it and it’s natural to me. When I’m in meetings and people talk about problems or challenges, I will immediately correct them to say “it’s an opportunity waiting to happen”.

This is how I treat my weight loss journey as well. I have challenges everyday and refuse to acknowledge their power over me.

Challenge: I have a 30 mile commute.

Opportunity: great time to call friends or listen to audio books or podcasts

Challenge: I hate spending money on lunch and my choices nearby suck

Opportunity: meal prep on Sunday and make healthy choices all week

Challenge: my husband works wonky hours and I’m never quite sure if he’ll be home for dinner or what to plan
Opportunity: always plan an ‘us’ dinner and always have a ‘me’ dinner in the wings

Challenge: I’m recovering from back surgery and having a hard time getting activity in

Opportunity: Take the time to heal, walk if you can, however healing comes first.

We all have time challenges; no matter what, we don’t get it. Regardless of who you are, we each have the same 24 hours in our day. How are YOU using your time for you and not for others? If you’re not putting yourself first everyday, that’s a challenge, let’s figure out how to make you #1.

Tell us one thing you can do today to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

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