January 8, 2018

Ever wonder what tools other folks use on their journeys to keep them going?  I know I sure as hell do.  I’m a total cart lurker at the store and I could peek into Amazon carts I would!!

Here are my EVERYDAY items that i am never without.  Yes, I seriously use at least one if not MOST of these items every stinking day.

1-a GOOD water cup/bottle/jug.

truth I have an unhealthy obsession with water containers.  I have so many they’re falling out of cabinets and yet I contiune to buy more.  You will never ever ever see me wtihout a bottle of water.  Meetings? Yes.  Car? Yes? Nightstand? Yes.  You name it – it’s there.  And I have lots so there’s never a complaint that my favorite is in the dishwasher.


2-fruit infused water bottle.

So I broke this one out because it’s a bit special to me.  I discovered these last year and I’m obsessed with them.  When you drink over a gallon of water of day (please refrain from offering me any medical advice if I shoudl or shouldn’t becuase someone will!) I wanted to change things up.  Hello cucumber and mint!  Bring on the grapefruit and strawberry! You are a McWater bottle wiz! Rock it!

ABSOLUTE FAVORITE?  This one from Amazon.

3-Apple Watch.

Ok – this is definitely not in everyone’s price point however I’m going to break down why it’s a must have for me OVER THE FITBIT!

I had a fit bit for years and loved it.  Was a very early adopter.

When Apple introduced it’s watches, I thought ok an interesting idea for texts and what not, but I’m not seeing giving up my fitbit until Apple Health.  Today I’m sitting with my dr showing him my average heart rates. I’m showing him my steps.  All this stuff that fitbit doesn’t do as well.  And swimming.  Yes, for swimming it is singularly incredible.

I have an Apple Watch 2. I have no interest in a 3…yet.  Shop around you can find good deals.

4-pressure cooker

I’ve done two cooking demos on pressuire cooking at my local WW store. Here’s exactly what I tell people when they’re thinking of buying one.

Have you ever been on your way home and forgot to take out chiecken for dinner?  Time for take out?  NOPE!  FROZEN chicken breasts, jar of salsa or bbq sauce, into pressure cooker for about 20 minutes and VOILA instant chicken. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Favorite: Instant Pot of course.

5-air fryer

OMG.  Game changer.  Now – no, it will NOT replace your Memaw’s Sunday fried chicken.  It will give you healthy., crunchy alternatives to your favorites.  I’ve done so much in it: fried zuchinni, chicken, pork chops, shrimp, apples, and even baked!  Get one.  Now.

Favorite brand:  Power Fryer XL (we recently went up the bigger size and LOVE it!)

6-Sweaty Bands.

Yes I wear them everyday to my work.  Everyday.  They do not move.  When I work out – they stay put.  Period end of story.  Hundreds of colors and I probably have half.  You use to throw away. $10 on a ‘value’ meal – spend the same and reward yourself.

AND I have a 15% discount to share with everyone-YAHOOO!!!  Click for coupon!

7-apple slicer

This might seem silly but the easier it is for me to put food in my pie hole the happier I am.  An apple slicer does the trick and technically our house has three of them.

We personally like this one because it does apples, potato and mangos!

8-Food scale

If you don’t know exactly what is going in your mouth – how are you keeping track?  Food scales are incredibly important part of any healthy journey it’s very very easy to go from one cup of something to that sort of looks like one cup it’s close enough that close enough adds up really fast.

Preferred scale:  Inevifit

9-Think Jerky

I discovered this by accident last thanksgiving. It’s an amazing, low point, high-protein, portable snack. It’s one of the easiest snacks I know that I can throw in my bag leave in my glove box or shelf in my desk drawer and always always have a snack on hand.

Favorite flavor:  assortment pack or sweet chipotle

10-meal containers

I have a lifetime supply of Tupperware I have Tupperware appointment for him hunt up or are you actually end up making at least one trip to Goodwill every year for random pieces of Tupperware to go to a better home. However this year I decided I was going to get very specific meal prepping containers. So I did some research on Amazon and I talk to a couple weight watcher friends. And I finally found a friend that I really enjoy using. They come a couple different shapes and the rectangles look like bento boxes from Japan different size spaces for your different sizes of proteins starches or veggies. These make my life incredibly easy and fairly painless!

Favorite brand:  Inevifit. They come in various shapes.  Note – as of 1/3/18, they have coupons available at checkout too!

So now that I shared with you some of my most every day must have’s…. what are yours? Please share them I know we can all use some ideas tips hacks and solutions to some of our every day challenges

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