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Food CANNOT fix pain….

June 29, 2017

I’ve been radio silent on social media since Monday. UNHEARD of.  The reason being is the pain from my back had gotten quite bad and I need to heal and rest.

One of my old coping mechanisms was eat something, take medicine and go to sleep thinking the food would help it along at night. I did that for years when I had injuries. Food became another medicine, a self medication if you will.

Pain medicines cause weight gain by slowing down our body processes – not for everyone however – I’ll speak for myself and I’ve seen quite a big jump in the last week. There are blips; part of my journey. Throw in a birthday in there and all sense of decorum goes out the window,

Now, I’m on this healthy journey and my body is FIGHTING me. I do not want chicken, I do not want carrots. I’m actually not quite sure what I do want but I want to be pain free.

  • Wednesday’s meal plan included: a piece of chicken and my medicine and a nap.
  • Lunch: leftover pork and corn and medicine and a nap
  • Dinner: leftover turkey sausage and medicine and nap.

I slept TERRIBLY last night again. My surgeon has stated this is quite common and will take time. I told my husband that I was going downstairs to eat breakfast so I could take my medicine and then rest.  His reply “If there something magical in a big breakfast that makes it all work?”  (One of my worst former habits was nighttime eating)

Ton of bricks. The last week I’ve gained about 9 lbs and yes, pain killers play a role but UNLESS I’M HUNGRY – WHY AM I EATING ALONGSIDE THEM???

So – today – right now, I ate a banana to go with my pain medicine. Why is that a big deal? BECAUSE SOMEONE loved me enough to show me that what I was doing wasn’t going work.

Being sick and down and defeated is not easy – however there is ONE thing we can control and ask ourselves that I haven’t over the last two weeks…


For me, based on the weight I’ve gained, the answer is no. I will not die for having these extra lbs in fact, I’ll stand a bit smarter knowing that I’ve acknowledged their there and I’m moving on.

How do YOU determine if you’re really hungry or stressed or angry or in pain??

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  1. I was saying this at my meeting this week. “Why do I think a handful of chips is going to make my back stop hurting?” Dumb, I know. But I keep doing it. My back still hurts but the chips went down the pie hole and will probably be followed by something else at some point. This journey we are on is so much more about the brain than the food. Hang in there Laura, this too will pass and you will continue being a successful warrior and inspiration to all of us.

  2. I would add bored to that. That was me yesterday. I’m sorry for all your pain. I was lucky when I had my back surgery most of the pain went away after. Praying for your speedy recovery. I’m sure you will show it whose boss. Just take care of yourself and heal🙏

  3. All truth.
    I was especially drawn to your mention of what your hubby said regarding breakfast. Last time I was in WW, if he so much as said a word about my food choices, it would send me back to my old eating habits. Sort of like, “You’re darn right I’m eating ice cream and you’re not the boss of me—I’m going to eat another giant bowl, just to spite you!”
    I realize now, that he was just trying to help me avoid falling back into the same old hole that I’d been living in for most of my adult life. Trying to help. Geez, what a trickster our own minds are sometimes.
    Now, the poor man walks on eggshells regarding my journey, but he’s kind enough to still point out that hole. Mostly, he helps keep me away from that hole with loving words and support for my journey.
    I pray you know that the weight you’re gaining isn’t real. It’s drug related. Prednisone alone will make you blow up like the Hindenburg. Pain pills cause the gut to stop working properly and hold on to things it shouldn’t. You know all this, but I’m just reminding you. Lean on the hubby once more and ask that he remove all your trigger foods, things that 3 weeks ago you could easily avoid eating. Just for a while.
    You got this! Prayers for a full healing of body and mind.❤️

  4. Yesterday returning from the vet I felt the strong urge to emo-eat with the not so good news I had received. I chatted on FB with a gal pal and she said she knew I could restrain from eating. I then remembered I had watermelon in frig and ate 0 SP fruit and was fine after chatting with her.

  5. You, Laura are one of the top reasons I have finally after 60 years (my first “diet” was at 7 years old) realized that it’s all about me and my perceptions! I’m an online only member, so I’ve kindof adopted you as my leader! 😘

    I don’t think I can do anything for your pain, but I can send love & cheering, knowing that you will rock this like a boss and be back in your pink cap in no time….

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