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Free fruit isn’t free!

August 14, 2017

Free food isn’t free.. Yup, I said it.

Just because you CAN eat tons of fruits and veggies, doesn’t mean you should.

I may not be popular for pointing this out – however, fruits have CALORIES too!

I meal prepped yesterday and I decided it was HIGH time I start measuring my fruit. YES, MEASURING fruit.

I added 1/2 c of strawberries and 1/2 of a large apple. This is the equivalent of about a serving of fruit. Plenty for my breakfast.

Had I not measured, I would have easily added another 100-150 calores worth based on the size of the container.

Fruit isn’t free. There are still calories associated with them. 

Binging can still happen on free foods. And I’d rather choose strawberries or an apple over chips any day, however, making mindful choices and being conscious of how much I am eating is a whole other behavior that I work on.

How do you handle your fruits? Do you weigh or measure?
Ps-these meal prep containers ROCK. 

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  1. I use fruits as a dessert option. I don’t actually measure, however I keep in mind what a serving would be if I were serving it to “my child”. ♡ Thank you for reminding people. It hasn’t been until my -115 lbs weight loss, where I often think people asking me for my food psychology view’s. My menu’s are emphasized in this order:

    1.Menu planning focus on:

    1. High protein ~ I myself limit beans due to the possibility of them causing me upset stomach and thus inflammation. I use bison as my red meat, sparingly, mostly chicken, fish, shrimp, eggs, quinoa, sometimes lentils and sometimes tofu!!

    2. Go spicy, Capsaicin is very helpful at increasing your metabolism. Also curry, turmeric, and ginger. I regularly will char several poblano pepper’s, put them in a glass bowl covered with plastic wrap for 5 minutes so I can peel them easier (please remember to wear plastic gloves, as the capsaicin can burn your skin), chop finely and blend them into a 2% carton of Fage. I use this instead of sour cream. They can also be used instead of regular peppers for recipes such as stuffed peppers. I can send you a few recipes if this sounds good to you. Salsa’s are another way to get some of this spice. Trader Joe’s carries a harissa salsa that is sweet & hot which is very tasty.

    3. Vegetables & greens I normally steam, roast or put into soup’s. I also have a recipe for a breakfast quiche that contains mushrooms, peppers, etc. with optional meat options. I sometimes make a double batch in individual ramekins so they can be sent with my husband to work for a great breakfast, or snack.

    4. Any fruits are desserts

    5. Limited carbs ~ on the rare occasions I consume breads, rice, or pasta, I use this as more of a garnish rather than an actual component to my meals. And they only bread that is actually in our house ever is always sourdough.♡

  2. I always measure out my fruits. I tend to take a mixture of strawberries, blueberries and grapes to work for lunch. However, if I didn’t measure the serving, I would eat too much. I’m pretty obsessed about measuring out everything, 😂.

  3. When fruit became “FREE” I stopped measuring and yes fruit has become a real problem especially when I consume the whole fruit bowl loaded with mixed fruits rather than a piece of fruit. Free fruit has become the whole fruit BOWl for my portion of fruit rather than a measured portion…Thanks for the friendly slap of reality and reminder of portion not the whole bowl!

  4. I pretty much measure out my fruit not so much my veggies. Back when I first started ww in 2000 fruit and veggie had points and I really have not gotten that out of my head. I know I eat more fruit than veggies right now which I need to work on.

  5. Laura good advice. I came to the same conclusion today when I realized I have been eating tons of grapes. You are right. Everything has calories and if they are more healthy than junk food. You really have made a transformation and so glad your health improved too. My idol. Ever give u

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