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Freestyling it, baby!

December 3, 2017


So I have been doing WW Freestyle for a few months know and I thought I’d share some observations.

FAR more no track proteins
New no track starch – I’m looking at you corn
Rollover points
easier to maximize your points for what matters for you

LESS points
other lean proteins still have the same smart point value
since a lot of our food is now no track, it’s easy NOT to track
it is a plan that needs to be prepped for now more than ever

Overall, I think it’s a decent tweak.  Do I love it?  Maybe.  In truth, it feels like Simply Filling without some of the other benefits Simply Filling affords.  For me, I don’t know that I will ever gnaw on a chicken breast when I’m hungry; that doesn’t feel natural. I’ve found myself leaning very heavily on my Simply Filling knowledge.

Let’s break down a few key points:
eggs-I’ll give that a hell yeah….however after two months (by my choice) of eating eggs everyday, I’m over it.
boneless skinless chicken breast – great. Free protein.  At only 2 smart points per serving, it wasn’t a big part of my budget.
corn – I could take it or leave it
beans – now this one is interesting – chili could now be free with lean ground turkey so I do see merit here.

The first thing I realized when it was introduced was two things:
Am I being penalized for eating other proteins because it sure felt like it!
I better get damn good with meal prepping…FAST.

Freestyle will force you to be at least a bit of a prepper if you’re not – just to help avoid killing your points.

I’ll give it a pass at this point; there are components I like and components I don’t.

And to answer the question you REALLY care about: I’ve lost and gained on Freestyle.

So – as the week goes, let’s here your thoughts!

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  1. I will be receiving my information at my WW meeting on Tuesday! Excited for a change and hoping it will jumpstart me on this plateau I am on!!

  2. I don’t start Freestyle until Saturday the 9th. I’m cool with waiting. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll make it work for me cuz I believe in WW. Down 62 lbs. with about 30 go.

  3. Thanks for the honest assessment Laura. I like that you tell it like it is instead of just saying Woo Hoo Happy Dance I love it! I agree with your assessment. I am going to continue to eat what I like and figure it out. I have always been a planner not so much a prepper but I will make it work for me!

  4. Right now I am on the fence. I enjoy the fact that whole grains are on Simply Filling but saving 4 points is interesting. It’s a wait (no pun intended) and see.

  5. I don’t think I will like it. Eggs and chicken and turkey are the only items on the list that I like. That wasn’t a big part of my food points anyway. Now 7 less points a day to enjoy what I really like.
    I am gonna track calories or maybe use I track bites.

    This feels too much like a diet

  6. I don’t start until Saturday my way in day. But it does sound an awful like a diet to me. I must say I am skeptical of it. I feel like I’m almost going to be forced to eat eggs and chicken and beans to succeed. Ugh!

  7. I began yesterday. The major drop in points made me freak a bit. Today I went to work figuring out meals.
    The thing that seems off is that I would never have eaten potatoes for dinner, but now can afford them because my salmon was “free”. So, my (naturally) fatty fish was eaten and I spent points on potatoes instead.
    I just want to better understand their reasoning, nutritionally.

  8. Thanks for pointing me to your blog. I’ve really been trying to go with Freestyle and it is not working for me at all. So little accountability. Dark meat chicken has points and starches like corn and beans, don’t. It makes no sense. I’ll try it for a few more weeks and then I will probably go back to tracking on my own.

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