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Healthy is the new skinny

March 14, 2018
Healthy is the new skinny

I have never ever wanted to be skinny. I know that seems crazy – why bother trying to lose weight if not to rock smaller jeans?

I want to be healthier.  That has been my #1 why since day 1 IN HIGH SCHOOL when I did WW the first time.  Yes, even at 16 I knew health was precious. Growing up with asthma, you learn really fast that chronic stuff sucks.

However you know what’s worse? Being overweight AND unhealthy.  I CAN fix one of those. I CAN lose weight. I can’t cure my asthma. I CAN mitigate my attacks by moving more. I CAN eat cleaner to help my symptoms.

Let’s say your goal is to get to a certain size.  Then what? Will unicorns dance around and sprinkle glitter on you? Probably not or if they do, please call.  However, if your goal is to get off diabetes medicines, now we’re talking.  We are talking life changing stuff. We are talking family changing stuff. We’re talking LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE STUFF.

Are you in it for a pair of jeans or a healthier you? Before you grab for that whatever your vice is, think about it. The choices you make today lead to your better and healthier tomorrow – and the sizes will come.

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