My 10 lb gain – and what I LOST as a result

January 2, 2018

I went on a trip over the holidays.

Not just any trip.  A trip with my hubs.

Not just any trip with my hubs.  A trip with my homicide detective hubs who works 7 days a week so victims have voices.

We planned. We saved.  We sacrified.  It was three glorious weeks!

We left Houston on a SNOWY friday to drive to Florida.  Overnighting in Mobile was our first stop.  Quick night and some pizza and onto Orlando.

Orlando is a 3rd home for me. Houston is my heart and my current home, Chicago is my birthplace and Orlando, my folks live.

We set sail on Sunday, 12/10 for a luxurious 10 day Southern Caribbean vacation on the Royal Princess.  I even surprised the detective with a mini suite!  We were here!

From our balcony on the Royal Princess

And I took a deep breath. How would my eating go? How would I do amongst everything I like? I’ve been on over a dozen cruises so I knew what I was in for.  How would my pain do? Would I be able to walk? Would I be able to keep up?  For further knowledge, less than a week before we sailed I learned I’d be having major (major) back surgery in a few months.

And then I let out the deep breath and went on.  I ate. I drank (which I truly rarely do) and I lived. I walked some, I rested some, I stumbled some.

At one point when I was clearly struggling walking in Martinque, the Detective turned to me and said “Laura, I need you to focus because if you fall I cannot get you back to the ship and that scares the crap out of me,” and then he gave me his arm.

Ouch that hurt a bit.  I was trying to take care of my walking. I was trying not to show my pain. I was trying to take care of myself.  So instead of breaking down into a hot mess, I found some resolution inside and took it.

yup, he even did origami on board with me

After our cruise, we spent Christmas week with my parents in Orlando.  It was exactly what we both wanted; time with family.

Four days after our cruise, while still in Orlando, I weighed in.  KNOWING I didn’t track a bite.  KNOWING my muscle relaxers cause water retention. KNOWING I didn’t make as many smart decisions as I would have liked to.  KNOWING no MATTER WHAT – I DID NOT REGRET A THING AND I WOULD NOT DIE.

I gained 10 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks.  And in one week when I got back, I lost 8 of them.

Now you might be wondering what the takeaway is?   A few.

  • Fallen off? GET ON NOW!  As soon as my foot stepped of that ship, shenanigans stopped.  Tracking commenced.  I lost my ‘I don’t get a F*%’ attitude once on shore.
  • Need help?  ASK! I should have asked the detective for more help when I needed it however my big head stopped me.  Pain is NOT weakness; pain. is something that is broken.  I lost my ego and asked for help.
  • EVEN with a 10 lb gain in 2 1/2 weeks – I know I would have done a HELLUVA lot worst without WW, without Connect, without iG, without NFLN.  I lost my sense of being alone and came right back here.

When have you had an AHA moment? I bet they’re not always when you expect!

I am better today than yesterday and I am better, even with a gain some weeks than a loss.


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  1. You are such an inspiration, Laura! Thank you for being you and telling it like it is. Here’s to Freestyle and a fabulous 2018. Happy New Year!

  2. Woke up morning with your essage in my mailbox. “I got mail..the mail I needed.” I need January to get back on my wagon and start peddling again. I too went on a holiday and do not know the consequences of my fling at this moment. It is dark outside but the light will shine in a few hours when this butt gets back on the journey and gets on the scale and returns to my meeting and gets on the scale. Whatever the number is: I did it, I own it, and time to start the journey once again. Thanks for the push, I needed it and I remember its my journey.

  3. I love you for keeping us motivated. I do have a tragedy…my beloved pink “My Oxygen Mask First” t-shirt has had an unfortunate encounter with some bleach in my sink cleaning product. It left a big bleached white area ☹️ That’s what I get for cleaning! I don’t remember how I was able to order it. Could you please remind me as I can get a replacement ASAP, please. It’s part of my WI “uniform”. Thanks for ALL you do. Allene

    1. Ack!!! It was a three week run last summer. I’m looking to do a new one in the next few weeks. I’ll post when I do! I’m sorry 😐. I wear mine for weigh in too ❤️Thank you 💞 for your supprt

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