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My Air Fryer is my Kitchen Crush

January 31, 2017

Full confession: I LIKE TO COOK NOW. Do NOT tell my husband. I use to suck at cooking. A lot. The first dinner I cooked him? I put a whole bottle of soy sauce with a carton of orange juice and chicken breasts in a slow cooker for 15 hours.  Hello? Chicken Jerky?  Yeah.  I sucked.

So – anytime I see a product that offers me a GLIMMER of feeling like June Cleaver…my wallet is flying open and Amazon is at my doorstep two days later. There are so many kitchen things that vie for our attention and hell, I have half of them. However – I’m a believer in earning your counter space and I am OVER the moon with my air fryer.

I bought my air fryer last summer from Amazon. I bought a GoWise based on reviews, price and size. At first I threw in frozen things to see how they would do: chicken tenders, french fries, things like that. Pretty soon, I got bold…let me cut up a sweet potato and try to air fry it!  For me – that’s Wolfgang Puck level stuff. And it WORKED. Wait…what?! Did I just make something from scratch??

So fast forward to me using my air fryer 5 days a week now. Yes -it has MORE than earned it’s counter space.  What have I made?

Air fried pork chops
Air fried tortillas
Air fried zucchini
  • chicken tenders (from frozen or scratch made)
  • sweet potato fries (20 minutes)
  • air fried shrimp (from thawed shrimp – 5 minutes)
  • BACON wrapped air fried shrimp (10 minutes)
  • Pork chops (GAME CHANGER!) 15 minutes
  • Chicken breasts (12-15 minutes)
  • Mini frozen wontons (5 minutes)
  • air fried apples (12-15 minutes)-tastes JUST like apple pie filling….yeah….hmmmmmmm
  • zucchini (10 minutes)-this is my current obsession. I bought 8 zucchini just for ME at the store on Sunday hoping it lasts all week….hoping
  • Tortilla chips – (5 minutes!) – what?! Yes- SUPER low calorie tortilla chips -that ALONE is a reason to have one and not waste calories on high fat chips when you want a crunch without the guilt!
  • Salmon (8 minutes) – I’m trying to eat more seafood and I found a brand that was frozen and it heated up great
  • the list goes on…..and the best part? LITTLE TO NO OIL!!!

Honestly – I haven’t had any fails yet on the air fryer. My only regret is not getting it sooner.

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  1. I have been in the fence for months. I spoke to a sales person about the air fryer at Sur la Table. She claimed they only worked on prepared products. We try not to eat too many of those. But you are doing fresh veggies and stuff. Now I am inspired to look again. Thank you

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