Numbers don’t define me

February 9, 2018

Numbers don’t define me.

I don’t introduce myself and say, “Hi, I’m Laura. I am 5’2”, I’m 45 years young, I wear size 10 shoes and my ring size is 7.”

HELL NO. THEN WHY ON GOD’S green earth is our self worth wrapped up in a 3 digit number that is a piece of data???

When we weigh in –our thoughts go to light speed….something like “omg will that cookie show up and htose dang chips that I had to have and the break room cake, oh the break…” OH! I’m down?! YEAH me!!


“I rocked it, yeah, I ate my fruit and veggies and I were like peas and carrots this week and I drank water like a rockstar and….” WAIT! WHAT! I’m UP? I quit.

It’s a number. Use it like a piece of data it is. Learn from it. Look back at what you REALLY did that week and adjust.


Do you let numbers define you?



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  1. Numbers shouldn’t definitely us but haven’t we been conditioned to think that way? It’s tough, especially when you’re a WW and people are always much have you lost? Did you stay within your points? What’s your goal?…. It’s all mental, really. You have to break free of that mindset and believe in yourself!! Are you healthy? THAT’S what we strive to be..not the smallest, although that would be a bonus.

  2. OMG. This hit me like a ton of bricks.
    Back story: my Wednesday meeting was “snowed out”. I went to an alternate meeting at a different site with different scales.I was up 2.4. The receptionist mistakenly told me I was down down 2.4. Good job she says.

    When I looked at my book, I read +2.4. I was mad really mad. I came home and ate in my madness. Like a madwoman.

    The scale defined me. I know I had a good week on plan. Beware of scales at different sites !!!

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