Ode to my water bottle

January 31, 2017

I have a water bottle obsession.  One of the ways I have successfully managed my weight loss journey is by drinking over a gallon of water a day.

YES A GALLON OF WATER. Think I’m nuts? Check out this study highlighting the benefits of drinking half your weight in water.

There’s a million reasons to drink more water to aid in weight loss:

  • makes things move (i.e. makes you POOP!)
  • fills you up with water instead of food
  • cleanses your palate between bites
  • slows you down
  • makes your skin glow
  • helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness
  • and it’s just GOOD for you

Since I drink so much water, it must be boring and hard and just awful, right?! HELL NO! I have a HUGE assortment of water bottles, cups, glasses – you name it, I own it!

Contigo coffee cup – NO matter what, this cup stays hot. I gave up caffeine a long time ago-however my hot tea stays piping hot for over six hours and it DOES NOT LEAK.

RTIC Bottle – LIFECHANGING! I make decaf ice tea separately and pour into here. Keeps cold for over a day!

RTIC Cup – I can’t be without these (yes, I have 5 cups). I’ve had mine all powder coated and customized. They keep my ice nice and cold all day.

Vacuum Insulated bottle – Same thing – can’t be without – easy to mix with Crystal lite or whatever floats your boat.

Fruit infusing water bottle

This fruit infusing water bottle is my newest crush. I’m currently rocking cucumber mint water. Last week, grapefruit and cucumber were my bag. I’ve made ginger grapefruit. Ginger mint. I have yet to find a combo that didn’t satisfy.

If you’re struggling to drink water – I would CHALLENGE you to do the following:

  1. buy a bottle/cup you CAN’T live without. Spend the $.
  2. try flavors, mix in’s, fruit-anything
  3. Never enter a room without a bottle – ever.

If you can do that – you’ll know you’re the master of your water game!

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