Drink your water

Overheard at my meeting: WATER SUCKS!

March 12, 2018
Water makes everything better

“Laura, I just can’t lose weight. I just can’t. I keep playing with the same 5 lbs.”

Are you drinking enough water?


Yup, I am not making this up.  Here is the rest of the conversation I had:

  • buy a kick ass cup – sparkly, pink, y0ur name, whatever-MAKE IT YOUR BFF
  • find a flavor – water does not have to be PLAIN
  • try fancy water – La Croix, etc
  • drink unsweetened ice tea
  • freeze lemon juice for ice cubes
  • should I keep going??

Here’s the thing – if you find water boring – SWITCH IT UP! I love a fruit infused water. I love my RTic cups. I love water flavors.  Find your thing and rock it.  Your skin will LOVE you, you insides will LOVE you, and your backside will LOVE YOU!

PSA complete: drink your water!

How are you ROCKING your water?

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  1. At one of my meetings I learned about an app to track my water called Plant Nanny. I love it. I grow cute plants by drinking my water that get moved to a virtual garden. Another motivation.

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