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Rest is not a weakness 

July 3, 2017

With a very rough morning when I HAD intended to go back part time for work, my body had different plans and it broke me. 👮🏻 Trike deemed me not able to drive a car and just not looking well. So home I stayed. 

I leaned on my tribe and one of my WW bffs texted me and said that Tom Brady (😑) said the ONLY way to recover is rest and sleep. That hit me. This recovery while at home – I’ve still maintained a normal schedule – and not allowed myself a ‘day off’
Today due to some smart folks in my tribe who I lean in on – I’ve learned that rest is not a luxury, not a weakness rather essential. 

So when your body says rest, rest. That’s how I’m using my 4% (one hour of my day) – I’m putting my oxygen mask on first and taking care of me first.

This is NOT being weak. I’m saying that for my future self to realize as well. 

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