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Sunday Goals – DONE

March 18, 2018

Sunday is my ONE day off all week.  I cherish my Sundays. It’s also the day that starts my week and I believe in STARTING STRONG!

Here’s what I got done between 6a and 9a.

  • Swam a mile – yes, a mile
  • Did 15 minutes of water aerobics to cool down
  • Chilled (!) in the hot tub
  • Air fried 3 giant chicken breasts
  • Threw ingredients in Instapot for chicken noodle soup
  • Vacuumed
  • Changed sheets
  • showered
  • threw load of laundry in
  • Assembled 5 burrito bowls -LUNCHES DONE
  • Assembled 8 bowls of soups-SNACKS DONE
  • Made post-swim meal-I’m looking at you grilled cheese and tomato soup

Ok-you might think I’m some sort of energizer bunny at this point.  Not at all! I have tools that do ALL the work for me.

One of the easiest meal prep is burrito bowls.  What’s in it? Easy! Chicken breast, black beans, corn, rice perhaps, cheese, etc.

Here’s how simple it is:

Throw 3 chicken in air fryer for 20 minutes at 400.
Find some rice; this one had two servings, I made it into 5.
I didn’t even cook!
Drained only!
Everything is better with cheese!
Chicken burrito bowl-DONE!

Now – this was cooking while I was cleaning and when the chicken was done, I simply nuked the rice, drained the cans and started an assembly line.  This took less than 10 minutes and now I have AWESOME lunches!  I’ll throw fresh pico on it when I eat it and I might even have some tortilla chips!

For a snack mid-morning, I’m a big fan of a broth based soup. I used my Instapot for this one and I started with a Bear Creek soup mix.

Ingredients for chicken noodle soup

I added in one raw chicken breast and some celery and 8 cups of broth. That’s it! Set the pot for 12 minutes and walk away!

it tastes JUST like Panera!

So – in virtually no time at all – my prep is done and I’m already kicked back with a full belly of grilled cheese, swim done, and meals prepped.

What do you prep? What are you favorite prepped meals?

What do you do to start your week strong?

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  1. Love ya! Still hanging in here. Enjoy your posting. Keeps me going. Have both pot and air fryer. Going to try your recipes this week. Need a good kick in the but.😀😉

  2. Wow you done so much today ! I’m thinking of instant pot ! Waiting till find one on sale 69. Or less. A going swimming @Y now.!Breakfast & church is over ! Nice day in northeast today yet my house is a mess no support from 3 guys living here 27 yr stepson moving back & my partner his dad! 85 dad lived here just had to put in nursing home close by with bad stroke ! So that leaves me having to take care of me now 65 & unhealthily & unhappy No More😍got to do it I enjoy your inspiration!! Thank you!!

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