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Swimming away the crazy

March 15, 2018


You know when you have ‘THAT’ day at work?  When all you did was:

  • react to email
  • get pulled in 432904 directions – none of which are of your choosing
  • have to work through lunch
  • hadn’t peed in about 7 hours
  • had traffic that could cause a homicide

THAT was yesterday. I had every reason from hell and half of Georgia to say screw it and go home after work. I was done. My mind was shot. I didn’t feel that I had gotten anything done at work and I was defeated mentally.

And yet here’s the thing. I packed a swim bag this morning. I put everything in my trunk to swim after work.  And I was NOT TAKING A BAG FULL OF CLEAN SWIM GEAR HOME.

I made a commitment to myself at 5a when I got up. I promised myself I’d make time for myself. During the course of my day, 84208 times I changed my mind about going. Up until I pulled into the gym parking lot, even I didn’t know what I was going to do.

And I did it. I swam away the crazy. I swam away the mood. I swam into joy. Swimming is the only place on the planet no one can talk to me. It’s bliss.

I have two takeaways: 

  • work can suck and somedays you wear it
  • never ever break a promise to yourself; ever

When you have THAT day – how do you respond?










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