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These shoes cost 75 lbs

April 15, 2018

These are my 75 lb reward shoes. They’ve been in my house for 18 months. 

You see, the detective bought them as a Christmas gift in 2016 not knowing they were for my 75 lb reward. I politely told him I could not wear them until I hit that number however I’d keep them. And keep them I did.

I looked at them. One spring came and a summer.  Fall came and I hit -65!  Yes!! Then 6 months later, in April 2017, I hit -71.6!! Yes! Those shoes would SOON be on my feet like Dorothy’s ruby slippers. 

Until life hit to the tune of 3 back surgeries last year.  Three. I gained. And gained. I was in and out of the hospitals,  doctor visits, pain medicines, and therapy. I had to wait to drive. I had to learn to walk without crying. I had to regain my independence.

And I slowly, glacially slowly, started getting my life back. 

Here I sit, six months after my last surgery having crossed -37.4 yesterday. I’m halfway to where I was two years ago. Those shoes are sitting, waiting for me. I do not get discouraged. 

I am in this for the rest of my life so WHEN I hit thresholds is irrelevant. I do not compare to you nor anyone else. I show up and rock my lane, with ANOTHER back surgery later this year. That alone would send most to quit, yet for me, I WORK HARDER BECAUSE I HAVE NO FINISH LINE. 

So, what are you green shoes that mark a milestone? What reminds you not to give up?

Share your story in the comments! YOU inspire others!

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  1. Again as always after I read one of you post you have me thinking, that I don’t have a reward in place. You do rock and I know you will accomplish anything you put your mind to. I am so stoked to meet you in August.

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