Transformation Tuesday-Little Red Trike

Transformation Tuesday

August 15, 2017

This is my current drivers license photo. This photo was taken 7/26/13. I know this date by heart bc I had been discharged from the hospital less than a month before. Discharged from an almost six week stay for asthma when my lung function was hovering around 20%. Discharged from a stay where I GAINED over 50 lbs.

Since then – while I’ve worked on losing over 70 lbs – I’ve done more work between my ears.

I’ve ditched BOTH blood pressure medicines

All daily asthma medicines

Eating carbs to induce sleep

Learned how to swim

Got my resting heart rate down to the 50’s – a sign of overall health

I’ve shown up every week to weigh in -EVEN WHEN I WAS -193 points

I never ever miss a meeting

I do not quit and I will not fail

I’ve made this time, the last time.

I will never forget that gal in my license photo. Every day I wake up, I work to be better so I can take care of her

What does your transformation look like? What’s been harder, the physical or mental? Share! You never know who you’re inspiring!

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