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  1. Hi Laura,
    I enjoy your videos.
    Happy Birthday. I started my day by binge cooking! I went to the WW site and found recipes. I made my weekly menu. Recipes are as follows:
    Gaucho steak with chimichurri sauce. 5 sp
    Oven fried pork chops 5 sp
    Apple and carrot salad. 1 sp
    Avocado and cucumber toss 5 sp
    Honey ginger chicken thighs 4 sp
    Eggplant Parmesan 4 sp

    These will hold me for the week

    I used a sugar free chocolate cake mix with canned pumpkin and egg whites for 2 dozen cupcakes. 2 sp each.
    My weekend will be strong!
    Happy Friday.
    Praying for your speedy recovery.
    Barbara from Spencer, MA

  2. Great post! As of this very minute, I don’t have a plan. I have to go to the grocery store today and need to come up with some healthy meals, plus I’m almost out of watermelon! Can’t be out of my go-to!
    I know that my hubby’s birthday celebration is Sunday. I know there’ll be cake. I know that I need to plan for every bite, but that’s okay. That’s huge for me, because before, I’d have just eaten until I was stuffed and then gone back for more cake.

  3. Happy birthday Laura. This weekend we are going to NJ for an unvailing of my mother-in-law’s headstone. After we are going out to lunch. I’ve scoped out the restaurant’s menu and decided what will meet my WW goals.

    Since you are homebound is there a market that delivers? This make take some of the additional running the Detective is doing. Stay well both of you.

    1. Happy Birthday, Laura, I turn 64 on the 30th. Today I will batch cook for the week, proteins are boneless ribs, cubed steaks, oven roasted turkey and ground turkey for crack slaw. I cook the protein on Fridays and then at meal time just microwave my veggie and make an 8 oz salad. Having a laid back week-end here on Oahu, nothing going on except dog obedience class Saturday morning. Prayers continue for healing and that your pain subsides quickly.

  4. Some of my best advice to everyone would be to not have unhealthy food – especially stuff that you can’t resist – in the house. If it doesn’t come home from the grocery store, then it can’t go in your mouth in a weak moment. Don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry either. That way you’re not tempted while you’re there. And ask your family to not bring your trigger foods into your home too. Or if they do, ask them to keep it where you have no knowledge of it. These things have helped me lose 160 pounds on Weight Watchers. And I’ve maintained for over 2 years now!

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